POSTPARTUM doulas make a difference

Get Care. Get Calm. Get Confident.

As a certified postpartum doula, I am a professional, trained in postpartum adjustment, newborn care, breastfeeding and parent-infant bonding. I provide emotional and practical support, resources and referral information, when needed. 

The best way to describe my services is not only by what I do, but by how my clients feel. Relief washes over them as I walk through their door and then a sense of calm and greater confidence takes hold as I leave.


diaper change

Good Morning Package!

Perfect if you like morning naps, breakfast in bed or your house in order to start the day!

3 hr. minimum between the hours of 9am-1pm.



Good Afternoon Package!

Perfect if you like afternoon naps, dinner prep or help during the "witching hours."


3 hr. minimum between the hours of 2-6pm.



Build Your Own Hours

Want more than 4 consecutive hours?


You can choose your schedule between the hours of 9am-6pm. (7 hours max.)


Postpartum Doula Support

Once you're home with your baby, I come to you to help lighten your load and support your parenting goals.

Postpartum Doula Care Includes: breastfeeding or bottle feeding support, postpartum depression screening and support, infant soothing and sleep tips, delicious food prep, baby's laundry, and more.

Let's chat on the phone to see if you'd like a complimentary in-home or virtual consult. Next, book my services and relax, knowing you'll be well prepared when you bring home your baby.

What my clients are saying...

"Words fail to express how grateful, fortunate, and lucky I feel to have had Bonni with us during my first few weeks at home after my son's birth. I don't know what I would have done without her. It's not even that the first few weeks are difficult, it's more akin to someone asking you to fly a plane full of precious cargo and you've never flown a plane before. I don't know how any first time parents do this without her. There is no manual- no matter how many books you've read. Bonni taught me so much! At one point she said, "my job is to work myself out of a job." Her intention is to help build your confidence until you feel comfortable doing it yourself. She cares for mom just as much as she cares for baby...she anticipated my needs, made me feel safe/seen/secure/taken care of/held, she's an amazing cook & makes delicious meals to nourish mom so that mom has the energy to care for baby. Her kind, loving, peaceful demeanor is exactly the support needed during those precious first few weeks."

"As a first-time mom, who doesn’t live near immediate family, I appreciated Bonni’s support and guidance during the fourth trimester. It was reassuring to have someone in my corner who was available to listen and offer insight on any issue we were facing- from feeding, burping, sleeping, newborn care, etc. Bonni gave me the confidence I needed as a new mom and made me feel supported during a time that can often feel so isolating (especially during a pandemic!). I would recommend her to any of my friends and wouldn’t hesitate to use her again in the future!"

"Bonni was an amazing resource for our family. As first time parents, she gave us the support and confidence that allowed us to work through the challenging times and enjoy the fun of being at home with our new baby. Her calm and caring demeanor put us and our baby at ease and her expertise and knowledge about baby care was incredibly helpful. I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for additional support during this time when it’s most needed."

"After having Bonni's support following the birth of our first child in 2018, we felt so grateful to have her care and support again during the fourth trimester for our second daughter in spring 2022. Bonni's depth of knowledge, attentiveness, and gentle care was invaluable during both postpartum experiences (which were different in a variety of a ways!). In particular, when I needed information or resources on topics ranging from L&D options (while pregnant) to breastfeeding and lactation support, she was quick to provide exactly what I needed and was always available for questions. Additionally, having someone to talk to during the challenging newborn stage--without any judgement or expectations of how I should be feeling--in turn helped me manage relationships with other family members (who sometimes can insert opinions that aren't the most helpful!). We feels so lucky Bonni was able to work with us after the birth of our daughters, and highly recommend her services for all new parents--be it the first or fifth postpartum experience!"

"Bonni is a supremely reassuring, caring presence during those early weeks with your newborn. She brought a certain equanimity into our home that as first time parents we might not have otherwise experienced, helping us to navigate feedings (our daughter's and our own - Bonni's a masterful chef!), sleep, and household cleanliness & order with her genuine warmth and efficiency. So, so grateful to have found Bonni! If you're considering whether or not to work with a postpartum doula, know that Bonni's services are one of the greatest investments you can make in your family."

"Having Bonni was the best decision we made. She was able to help us with breastfeeding which was very important to me. Her knowledge as a lactation consultant helped me with learning the proper positioning for my son and I as well as how to help me get more sleep and when to pump (so my husband could give bottles). She also was able to help me with all the things I didn't even know I would need help with as a first-time mom. She prepared delicious snacks and food for me while I was nursing that were quick and easy for my husband to replicate during the times when she wasn't with us. Her help and tips were lifesavers for us."

"As new parents, we felt extremely nervous when we brought our newborn home. I had a lot of anxiety about breastfeeding due to previous medical issues. When Bonni came to us the first time, I felt extremely relieved. She projects an air of openness and kindness around her that makes you feel instantly that you can trust her. That sounds weird, I know, but when you're in a heightened emotional state after giving birth, feeling like there's someone there to help you get started on the right foot with knowledge and assistance is invaluable. You don't realize how much help you can need until she's there, insisting on folding your laundry for you because you actually, really are, too tired to get it done. She's so thoughtful and knowledgeable about all things postpartum and baby. Bonni helped me get my breastfeeding routine set up and made me feel a lot more comfortable with it. She also connected me with information regarding a lactation consultant and new mom groups in my area, something I hadn't even considered when becoming a new parent. Lastly, Bonni has amazing collection of healthy food recipes. Her cooking is top notch, and having warm fresh food after a night of newborn care was so appreciated. I never thought about how helpful a postpartum doula would be, but it was above and beyond worth what I thought it would be. Thank you Bonni, we're still using the knowledge you imparted to us for taking care of our little one."

"Bonni provided us with a ton of help and advice the first few days after we returned home with our newborn. She had a calming demeanor about her that turned a stressful situation into one that was manageable. Bonni listened to our questions and concerns and provided her thoughts without any judgement. We continued to use her advice for weeks after we received her services.  She even washed bottles! We are beyond thankful that we had a chance to work with Bonni."

"Bonni is a complete professional but with a totally natural feel. It's like having your mother help you, except that she never stops working, doesn't judge your choices, and never tells stories of how she raised you sleeping on your stomach and eating from BPA, and you turned out alright."

Bonni is the best! She unobtrusively provides excellent support and guidance to new moms. She gave me the two things I needed most—someone whose focus was on my health and well-being and someone who knew exactly what to do with my newborn. From the little things, like making sure there are burp cloths strategically placed around the house, to the big things, like checking-in with you on your mental health, Bonni did them without any direction. The world would be a better place if every new mom and child had someone like Bonni to help them transition to their new normal—and excel in doing so.

"We loved working with Bonni after the birth of our first child.  Especially after having a c-section, I really needed a lot of support in the first few weeks of our daughter's life.  Bonni was so helpful with lactation support, answering questions, providing emotional support, and even running errands and cooking for us.  Her meals were delicious and made things so much easier in the evenings.  I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a postpartum doula!"

"We loved working with Bonni. A few days after our son arrived, we were feeling a bit lost with how to properly manage nursing, care for a newborn, and other baby essentials. We had countless questions and were generally seeking guidance concerning all things baby. Thankfully, Bonni arrived and helped us perfect various nursing positions, set up our pump, and efficiently change a diaper. We highly recommend Bonni to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and caring postpartum doula!"

"This is my second time using Bonni and Loving the fourth trimester, though the first time during a pandemic. What was an extremely difficult time was made better by being able to connect with Bonni through video chats, text and email. She was able to assess my latch, help with healthy meal and snack ideas... It was great having Bonni there for me and my family whenever we needed it. She gave us support through resources, video, and phone coaching. I highly recommend using Bonni and Loving the fourth trimester!"

"Bonni became a member of our family to start the fourth trimester. In addition to being incredibly thoughtful, empathetic and caring towards our new baby girl, she was very understanding to the two of us as we adjusted to becoming parents."

"I believe that Bonni helped make it easier for me to bond with my baby as she cared for me while I physically and emotionally recovered from the birth experience and grew into a capable mom."

"Bonni treated our son as if he were her own and they had a special bond that developed while she was with us...Working with Bonni was a joy and I know next time around she will be just as invaluable after the birth of our next child."

"We were so fortunate to have the warm, non-judgmental, and helpful support of Bonni with Loving the Fourth Trimester starting immediately after the birth of our first baby.  Bonni eased our transition into new parenthood by teaching us the basics of baby care and assisting us in establishing breastfeeding and pumping routines.  She has a wealth of knowledge about all-things-baby and new parenthood and we feel so lucky to have had her, a true baby-whisperer, as a third set of hands and invaluable resource during those early, sleep-deprived days!"

Bonni has been a really helpful, kind, and gentle caregiver for our newborn. Best decision we made to help us during the postpartum period. We were fortunate to have [her] since we are first time parents and she gave us so much confidence in our parenting skills. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for support during these first weeks, especially if you are a first time parent or do not have family in the area.

"Parents are only as old as their baby."

– Britta Bushnell

Whether they are one hour or one month old, be as kind to yourself as you are to your baby.