Are you expecting a baby? This doula hopes you know this.

letter from your postpartum doula

Dear New Parent or Hopeful Parent-to-Be,

If I, as your postpartum doula, could write you a letter, I’d say this:

What a special, life-changing moment for you! I admire you for being proactive in seeking out postpartum doula support for yourself during your transition to parenthood.

You know yourself well enough to want to be prepared, to want to feel cared for, to be understood and listened to. There is so much information out there about newborn support and the postpartum period, it can feel overwhelming. And if you don’t have an experienced support system who can help during this transition – to answer questions, to soothe your worries, to guide you, to sit with you – it can even be a little scary.

When I was having my own babies, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I wish I had someone who was in my corner then, cheering my successes and also giving me the information I needed about breastfeeding, my baby’s behavior and sleeping patterns, and my own body’s healing when things weren’t going so smoothly. I especially wished for some soothing food to help sustain me. (Actually, any food would’ve tasted great!)

I am so confident that you have everything it takes to be the best parent for your baby. You are all your baby needs. That’s why I’m here for you. To lighten your load.

Sometimes you may question your ability. Maybe you’re exhausted, depressed, struggling with the newness of parenthood or navigating all the decisions that come with having a new baby. I want you to know that I’ll be here for you and your family when you need me.

I’m so excited to be part of this journey with you! You got this.

Your postpartum doula,


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