Help! How Do I Know What’s Best for My Baby?

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Remember these three things and you’ll be set!

“What’s best for my baby?” There is a lot of information out there. And new parents want it.

Neighborhood listservs, parent forums, grandparents, Google, friends with babies, friends without babies, not to mention all the people wanting to sell you something – all propose to have THE answer to whatever it is you’re asking.

With so much information, accessible with a stroke of a computer key, finding what you need can sometimes feel overwhelming, leading you to even more questions. But how do you find the one answer that’s right for you and your baby when so many different people are confident that they know best?

I’m here to help you keep it simple with these three things to remember.

  1. You know your baby better than anyone on this planet. Listen to your gut.
  2. Ask yourself, “Does this product/practice/service/professional align with my values, my parenting goals, my outlook on life, my child’s temperament, my family’s situation today?”
  3. Are the recommendations you found (or were given) for “best infant practices” or “best infant product,” evidence-based or are they anecdotal? And who are the folks making these claims?

The first two “keep it simple” points are for you (and your partner) to tap into and give some thought. Maybe you haven’t yet asked yourself how you feel about “sleep training,” “attachment parenting,” or “baby-led nursing,” for example. Or maybe you’d like to do some more independent research on the merits of the latest product or the benefits of a long-held practice, to see what better suits you and your family.

When you’re looking for evidence-based information, regarding infants or anything postpartum, decide to look at just 2-3 internet sources. This will help prevent you from going down the internet “rabbit hole.” Some of these sites are:

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So, when you find yourself asking,

“What’s the best baby product…?”

  • car seat
  • stroller
  • baby carrier
  • bottle
  • breast pump
  • swaddle
  • __________ fill in the blank

Or the best infant care practice…?

  • sleep
  • soothing
  • pacifier use
  • weaning
  • bed sharing
  • tummy time
  • __________ fill in the blank

Or the best service/professional/class/food…?

  • car seat installer
  • cloth diaper provider
  • pediatrician
  • chiropractor
  • postnatal yoga class
  • new parent support group
  • postpartum diet
  • baby’s first food
  • _____________ fill in the blank

… you’ll now have a plan to find the answer that works for you because there is no “one size fits all.” And if you should decide to go with your best friend’s nursing pillow recommendation or your homemade laundry basket-turned-baby-bathtub idea, you can rest easy knowing that it was a decision based on criteria important to you. (Plus, if something is not working, you can always revisit it).

Watch out, though. You just might become the one that others ask, for recommendations!

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