Top 5 Baby Gifts New Parents REALLY Want!

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Don’t know what baby gifts to get the new baby (or parent) in your life? Want something parents will love and remember for a long time or do you prefer a gift that can be used (and used up) right away? Before you stray from the baby registry with a purchase of a giant 5 foot teddy bear or large plastic baby activity center, take into consideration the home that your present will live in.

Does the family have a small apartment or a house with a basement? Are there siblings with available hand-me-downs? Do they enjoy a minimalist lifestyle or are they excited to explore the latest baby trends?

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Whomever you’re shopping for, you will find something that suits them here.

Here are top five things new parents love to get once their little one has arrived.

1. Personalized items

New parents love to see their new infant’s name in print! And eventually, so does the child. There is a lot to choose from – wooden stools or blocks, framed art, picture frames, custom embroidered blankets or towels. These become keepsakes that can decorate a baby’s room and are remembered with love for many years.

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2. Diapers

Diapers, in a variety of sizes, as well as wipes are always needed and appreciated! First, confirm that the new parents are using either disposables or cloth. Not knowing exactly when a baby will outgrow a certain diaper, parents will always be prepared with a gift of a variety of sized diapers or diaper covers.

3. Muslin or cotton receiving blankets, swaddlers and cotton burp cloths

You can’t have too many of these as they are helpful to have in every room, car and diaper bag. These double as a last minute changing pad, an extra layer of warmth or a clean place to lay the baby.

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4. Books

You can start to grow a new baby’s library with classics like The Cat in the Hat, favorite books you grew up on, a personalized book with the baby as the star character or the latest popular baby lit. Waterproof books for the bath, soft cloth books that are easy for little fingers to handle and chunky books that won’t tear, are great ones to start with.

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5. Gifts for mom or dad

New parents are often forgotten even though they’ve done the hard labor (pun intended!) to get their baby here. Gifts of homemade food, an organized meal train, food delivery gift cards, helpful scheduled visits, babysitting coupon, loungewear, soothing teas, lavender bath oil, gift cards for manicures, pedicures or spa treatments, new comfy pajamas or robe, gift of a postpartum doula, giant one-handed-unbreakable-no-drip water bottle, gift certificate for a house cleaner, massage or postnatal yoga class (if that’s what they’re into!) or personalized jewelry with their newborn’s name or initial.

Tell new parents, with these gifts, that they’re cared for and are important – not only to their new baby, but to you too.

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