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Even the tiniest of babies can overshadow the needs of their parent. I'm here for that parent.

Feeling unsure or overwhelmed about bringing your baby home?  Finding the right doula can make all the difference. Rest easy, knowing that I'm here to support you, listen to you, nourish you and bring some calm to your postpartum days.

I love taking care of new parents - not taking over. I support you where you are, without judgement as a Certified Postpartum Doula & Lactation Counselor.

Daytime doula support so you can nap, eat, talk to someone who understands you, and experience some calm in the early days and weeks with your baby.

Answers to all your questions. How long is each postpartum visit? Do I need a Doula vs. a Night nurse?  What does a typical day of care look like with a doula?

"Parents are only as old as their baby."

- Britta Bushnell

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